AutoLIB Commands Detailed Reference Guide

Commands are listed by full command name followed by PGP shortcut. Eg FullCommand,FC

AutoLIB Control

Library        Creates an image menu of the directories specified within Library.txt

Library2        Creates an image menu of the directories specified within Library.txt  2nd Script.

Creating your own AutoLIB Menu

First you need to start by splitting your block files into sub-directories in order of type, discipline etc.

The following split is recommended however you may like to use your existing layout located on a network path to be accessed by all users.

Example of Library.txt

Location C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Blocks



[P01 - Block Library]

AutoLIB_Symb=!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/General,General Symbols and Legends


              1. Block Library Icons

Example Directory Structure

C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Blocks\Architectural\


C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Blocks\Electrical\








C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Blocks\Fire\





Example of Blocks POP.mns

Location C:\Program Files\Rock CAD Support\RockAUTO\Menus\AutoLIB\Blocks\Blocks POP.mns


[Library Icons]

ID_AutoLIB_Symb        [General Symbols        ]^c^c(RockAUTO_display_icon_menu "AutoLIB_Blocks" "AutoLIB_Symb" "!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/General" nil)

ID_AutoLIB_Schedules        [Schedules              ]^c^c(RockAUTO_display_icon_menu "AutoLIB_Blocks" "AutoLIB_Schedules" "!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/Schedules" nil)

ID_AutoLIB_ArchAuto        [.............Vehicles       ]^c^c(RockAUTO_display_icon_menu "AutoLIB_Blocks" "AutoLIB_ArchAuto" "!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/Architectural/Auto" nil)

ID_RockAUTO_AutoLIB_ArchElec        [.............Electrical     ]^c^c(RockAUTO_display_icon_menu "AutoLIB_Blocks" "AutoLIB_ArchElec" "!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/Architectural/Elec" nil)

ID_AutoLIB_ArchFixt        [.............Fixtures       ]^c^c(RockAUTO_display_icon_menu "AutoLIB_Blocks" "AutoLIB_ArchFixt" "!RockAUTOMasterLibraryPath/!MasterBlocksFolder/Architectural/Fixt" nil)



Create a slide file for multiple dwg files.


Make .sld files from blocks


Make .jpg files from blocks

*        Lisp command has Menu support. ie. For layer names, xref names, style names, linetype names or block names you can select from the lists on the Menu or type ` for the dialogue.
#        Warning: objects in pspace / mspace not selected will be lost.
+        Command requires additional installation of command line winzip add-on.
^        Command requires detailed configuration please contact Rock CAD Support.