Layer Commands

Commands are listed by full command name followed by PGP shortcut. Eg FullCommand,FC


Delete all layer filters.

LayerColour,LC *

Change the layer Colour of a selected layer.


Change the layer Colour of a selected nested layer.

LayerFreeze,LF *

Freeze selected layer.


Layer Freeze Nested.


Layer Freeze Nested Block insert layer.

LayerAll,LL *

Multiple layer utilities.’?/frozen SWAP/Freeze all/Thaw all/ON all/OFF all/Colour all/Ltype all/Lock all/Unlock all: ’

LayerLType,LLT *

Change the layer Linetype of a selected layer.

LayerLWeight,LLW *

Change the layer Lineweight of a selected layer.


Change the layer Lineweight of a selected nested layer.


Layer Freeze ‘using dialoge’.

LayerLock,LLO *

Lock selected layer.


Make layer from standard layer names.

LayerOff,LO *

Turn off selected layer.


Prefix layers with string.

LayerSet,LS *

Make selected layer current.

*        Lisp command has Menu support. ie. For layer names, xref names, style names, linetype names or block names you can select from the lists on the Menu or type ` for the dialogue.
#        Warning: objects in pspace / mspace not selected will be lost.
+        Command requires additional installation of command line winzip add-on.
^        Command requires detailed configuration please contact Rock CAD Support.