Rock CAD Support software is available in 3 different licensing models, all are the same price:

1.        Standalone license, you send me a license request email and then I send you the code. This is locked to the workstation.

2.        Network License. This is a ‘floating’ license so you are limited to the number of licenses for the network, but you could have unlimited installations. You need to send me a unc network folder where the license will be stored.

3.        Online license. This is new in the latest version. Download the license once only ‘Authorise Online’ to each workstation, you are also able to return the license ‘Deregister Online’ and swap the license onto another workstation. This is the easiest license to setup.

Standalone License

Network License

Select the Network License tab and Network License checkbox.

Paste or browse to the Network License folder.

Paste the network access code.

Online License

Exchange App Subscription

Note: This license option is not available for Suite or RockOFFICE licenses.