Commands are listed by full command name followed by PGP shortcut. Eg FullCommand,FC


Re-compile currently loaded .cui file


RockAUTO menuload control dialogue

CUICtrl Command allows you to quickly control the partial cui files loaded into your session.

ToolBarCtrl,TBC - Set Dimension Variables

ToolBarCtrl Command allows you to quickly turn on and off specific toolbars related to to the various RockAUTO features.


Quickly Turn Toolbars ON-OFF


turn Number pad snaps OFF


turn Number pad snaps ON


Control Menu

*        Lisp command has Menu support. ie. For layer names, xref names, style names, linetype names or block names you can select from the lists on the Menu or type ` for the dialogue.
#        Warning: objects in pspace / mspace not selected will be lost.
+        Command requires additional installation of command line winzip add-on.
^        Command requires detailed configuration please contact Rock CAD Support.