Rockit Parameter Commands

Add Standard Parameters

Adds the Rockit standard parameters required for Rockit to perform certain updater functions.

Parameters Manager

A comprehensive management tool for organising and controlling shared parameter files including family and bound project parameters.

List Family Parameter Info

Display information on each parameter associated with a selected family.

List Bound Parameters - Project

Project and shared parameter names will be copied to the clipboard.

List Bound Parameters - Shared

Command still under development.

Populate Parameter View Special Parameters

The following parameters will be updated to the current setting of each view

- Rockit Updater View Underlay

- Rockit Updater View Crop Details

First you should make sure the parameters are bound to the project.

Populate Parameter 'Rockit Updater Offset'

Instances which have the parameter bound to 'Rockit Updater Offset'

Will be populated with the location.

Populate Parameter 'Rockit Updater Phase Created'

Instances which have the parameter bound to ''Rockit Updater Phase Created'

This enables view specific phase view filters.

Will be populated with the phase.

Re-number parameter by selected

Increment selected elements parameters by a set increment

Multiline parameter editor

Edit parameter values in a rich text editor