Version History

Version Number

Version Description


Compatibility for AutoCAD 2019.

Improvements to licensing for all workstation users.

Improvements to speed of loading.

Improvements to RemFormatTextAll command


Exchange App Subscription License option added.

Improvements to Double Line pipework commands.


Compatibility for AutoCAD 2018.

Online licence added.

Improvements to AutoARCH Architectural clean-up command.

Improvements to SuffixRenameDWG command.

RefineSelection command added.

Improvements to SetLayoutPageSetupA1Extents & SetLayoutPageSetupB1Extents commands.

SetLayoutPageSetupA0Extents command added.

BurstLargeBlocksIgnoreClipped 100 script file added.

CleanupRevitMEPlocatedOnArchitectural script file added.

CleanupRevitExportedArchitectural script file improved.

Chd > Change to defpoints scripts added.


General Improvements


Compatibility for AutoCAD 2017.

Set Layout Page Size commands added for A0, B1 & A1.

Enhancements and additional options added to AutoARCH Architectural clean-up command.

SuffixRenameDWG command added.

Additional Script commands added.

Revit to dwg scripts improved.


Compatibility for AutoCAD 2016.

Installation method updated.

Layer State commands added.

Speed and reliability of commands.

Enhancements and additional options added to AutoARCH Architectural clean-up command.

Additional scripts added to scripts folder including Revit Export conversion.

AutoHVAC Cooling/Heating Coil added.

Table Search Command added which is available from the command line using apostrophe command `.


Command Layer Utilities added.


Compatibility for AutoCAD 2015.

Ribbon enhancements.

AutoHVAC Square bend angle option added.

AutoHVAC Duct Run option added for square or radius bends when called from straight duct dialog.

Enhancements made to AutoCOMMAND Feature.

Enhancements made to AutoLIB Feature.


Additional documentation added.

Minor enhancements.