Rockit Control

Controls main settings associated with the Rockit add-in.

This dialog allows you to turn off Rockit and control any features without the need to uninstall it.

Rockit Updaters

Rockit View Changed Parameter Updater

Rockit Last Modified By Updater

Rockit has the ability populate a parameter named ‘Rockit Updater Last Modified By’ with the user name of the person editing it. This can be handy for model managers to keep an eye on who has edited what.

In order for this functionality to work the parameter must be manually bound to the active model, I prefer to get you to do this rather than my add-in modifying your model unwittingly.

To add the required parameters you can run the command ‘Add Standard Parameters

Alternatively you are able to turn off this option via the Rockit Control.

Select the following command.

Rockit Save Phase Parameter Updater

Rockit Shortcuts

Rockit Shortcuts provides hotkeys to quickly cycle through common Revit dialog tasks saving mouse clicks.

An icon will appear in the taskbar, it is a very tiny app and will not affect the performance of your PC.


Press Ctrl+P to select the current item and jump to the next item.

Keep pressing Ctrl+P to keep selecting items, do not hold it down.


Press Alt+Z while in the Revit Link Display Settings to turn the link to Custom and the Annotation Categories visibility to off. This saves 5 mouse clicks, useful if you add 5 links & need to update 10 view templates, saving 50 mouse clicks!


Set the link to halftone.


Set the current Windows App to always on top.