Rockit Updaters

Rockit Updaters automatically populate certain parameters when elements are changes within Revit, this can be useful as some parameters are currently not available in Revit Schedules, tags and filters.

In order for this functionality to work the parameter must be added to the active model.

Updaters do not run in the model if the parameters do not exist, however you are able to turn off this option via the Rockit Control.

Rockit Updater View View Parameters

As view settings are changed the parameter values are automatically updated.

Rockit Updater Last Modified By

Rockit has the ability populate a parameter named ‘Rockit Updater Last Modified By’ with the user name of the person editing it. This can be handy for model managers to keep an eye on who has edited what.

Rockit Updater Workset

The elements workset is populated to the parameter.

Rockit Updater Phase

The phase created is automatically populated to the updater parameters when the phase is changed.

Rockit Updater Location

Element model location can be scheduled.

Rockit Updater Common Circuit Parameters

Parameter names beginning with # values are automatically applied to all connected elements within the circuit.

Rockit Updater System Type

Applies to Duct Accessories only.

To add the required parameters you can run the command ‘Add Standard Parameters

To update existing parameters the Populate Parameter commands:

Populate Updater Parameter View

Populate Updater Parameter Location

Populate Updater Parameter Phase